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VIDEO: FPC Liberia FM Radio Antenna Removal at 250′

VIDEO: FPC Liberia FM Radio Antenna Removal at 250′

DON’T WATCH THIS IF YOU ARE AFRAID OF HEIGHTS! Our mission in Liberia is doing all it can financially to get our radio station up and running. We have been testing the FM frequency for three hours every afternoon by playing Let the Bible Speak Programming (the radio ministry of our Free Presbyterian denomination worldwide). This video shows us removing a 4-bay […]

Rev. David DiCanio and Miss Joanne Greer

Missionaries Return Safely to Liberia

The following is a report submitted by Miss Joanne Greer about she and Rev. David DiCanio’s return to Liberia, West Africa after their August 5th, 2014 evacuation because of the ebola crisis. Thank you all for your prayers for the work in Liberia during the recent Ebola crisis. After Rev. David DiCanio’s and my evacuation from the field in August 2014, […]

A Ghanaian peacekeeper with the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) is pictured on guard duty during a visit. © Karin Landgren, Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of UNMIL, in Cestos City, Liberia. Photo ID 535529. 16/11/2012. Cestos City, Liberia. UN Photo/©Staton Winter.

VIDEO: A Look at the Work in Liberia (2015)

The following is a video overview of the mission work in Liberia with the latest update (February 2015) on the missionary housing construction project.

David DiCanio standing on a bridge overlooking the St. Paul River in Liberia, shorting before being evacuated because of the deadly Ebola virus that is sweeping the West African region.

Rev. David DiCanio

Rev. David DiCanio came into the Free Presbyterian Church of North American (FPCNA) in 1993, attended the FPCNA seminary from 1994 to 1997 (called at that time the Theological Hall), and was ordained in 2011 as a minister in the FPCNA denomination. Believing the Lord was leading him as an evangelist and not a pastor per se; Rev. DiCanio was […]

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Joanne Greer seated with her personal protection dog, Reilly.

Miss Joanne Greer

Joanne Greer was called as a missionary through the Free Presbyterian Church of Northern Ireland (FPCU) mission board and is now working in Liberia under the direction of the Free Presbyterian Church of North America (FPCNA). The Lord began dealing with Joanne about full-time service while studying nursing at a university in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, her home country. After qualifying […]

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