MPB: Mexico-Latest Update from the Boyles

MPB: Mexico-Latest Update from the Boyles

Missionary Prayer Bulletin (October 2014) Rev. and Mrs. Jason Boyle, missionaries under the FPCNA, moved to Mexico City in July of 2010, establishing their first FPC mission church on January 1, 2012. October 22, 2014 VISITORS The Rev. and Mrs. Jason Boyle, missionaries in Mexico City under the FPCNA, report that they were edified by the preaching and enjoyed the […]

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Two Mexican Pastors Accepted Under Care

Two Mexican Pastors Accepted Under Care

VANCOUVER—Two Mexican pastors were accepted under care of presbytery by the ministers and elders attending the Free Presbyterian Church of North America (FPCNA) week of prayer, held October 6-10, at Cloverdale Free Presbyterian Church outside Vancouver, British Columbia. Marcus Reyes and Lalo Peña sent a letter to the FPCNA requesting affiliation with the denomination after coming into contact with Jason […]

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Joanne Greer, Liberian missionary from the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, poses with her students shortly before her evacuation from the country because of the deadly Ebola virus

MPB: Liberia Report from Missionary Joanne Greer

David DiCanio and Joanne Greer, missionaries in Liberia under the Free Presbyterian Church of North America, were evacuated from the country on August 5, 2014 because of the deadly Ebola virus sweeping West Africa. October 20, 2014 (Missionary Prayer Bulletin: Joanne Greer) Rev. David DiCanio and I are keeping in contact by phone, email, and Skype with our three Free Presbyterian […]

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Kenya missionary Kathy Walker teaches music class at BCFC Christian Academy in Kapenguria, Kenya.

MPB: Kenya Report from Missionary Kathy Walker

Kathy Walker is a missionary under the Free Presbyterian Church of North America, and has been laboring in Kapenguria, Kenya, East Africa since 2005. Kathy teaches music lessons in a 700 student Christian school, teaches women’s Bible classes, and oversees a bookstore in Kitale, Kenya 200 miles west of Nairobi, the capital city. Missionary Prayer Bulletin – October 15, 2014 KENYA—Armstrong Evangelical […]

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Ebola Prompts Relief Fund for All Fields

Ebola Prompts Relief Fund for All Fields

The FPCNA mission board established a general relief fund to aid their mission fields worldwide after several FPCNA congregations wanted to help those suffering from the effects of the Ebola virus in West Africa. Dr. Mark Allison, the Chairman of the board, sent the following letter to all FPCNA ministers in North America. Dear Brethren, As many of you are aware the Ebola virus in western Africa has […]

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David DiCanio standing on a bridge overlooking the St. Paul River in Liberia, shorting before being evacuated because of the deadly Ebola virus that is sweeping the West African region.

Ebola Brings Missionary to Greenville to Share his Story

A press release for the Greenville Times Examiner, Greenville, SC. GREENVILLE – A local missionary returned to Greenville early last month to speak to his home church congregation about his work in Liberia, West Africa. David DiCanio, a graduate of Geneva Reformed Seminary on Haywood Road, was forced to leave his mission station in Liberia because of the spread of […]

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This is an outside view of the kitchen window where the four armed robbers entered. The window bars that were ripped off the window are in the foreground.

Liberia: Armed Robbers Enter Mission House, Attack Missionary

MONROVIA, Liberia—Four Armed Robbers entered the mission house at the FPCNA missionary compound outside Monrovia, Liberia early this morning, demanded money, and attacked and stole several personal items from one of the missionaries. Rev. David DiCanio was awakened at approximately 3 am when he heard noises coming from his kitchen. Assuming it was a mouse, he went to check and was confronted by four men wielding machetes […]

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