Liberian Churches Send Thanks for Ebola Relief

Pastor Moses Dahn and others from the FPMCOL.
Pastor Moses Dahn and others from the FPMCOL.

MONROVIA—The pastors and committeemen of the Free Presbyterian Mission Church of Liberia (FPMCOL) sent a thank you note today to the Free Presbyterian Church worldwide for the food aid they received during the Ebola crisis.

The letter, dated November 3, 2014, was addressed to Rev. David DiCanio, who is serving on the field in Liberia but was evacuated, along with Northern Ireland missionary Joanne Greer, on August 5, 2014.

The letter reads as follows:

“We the pastor, committee men and the entire membership of the three (3) churches in Liberia take this time to extend much more gratitude and heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you, Sister Joanne Greer and the entire sister churches in North America and Northern Ireland for remembering us  in prayer and to give us some relief ration (Rice and Beans) at this time of health crisis in Liberia, may the almighty God continue to bless you all.

“Our special thanks and appreciation also extend to the mission board through Sister Joanne Greer for this quick medical assistance to one of the Ballah Creek church members (Sister Janet Koiwu) which of course, she was immediately sent to SOS Health Center, tests were done and she was finally treated and she has now fully recovered.

We as one  body in Christ highly commend you all for your timely and quick intervention we will highly remember all these gestures at this critical time in our nation history.

May the Almighty God continue to bless us all.

Kind regards,

Sackie Mulbah, Pastor Ballah Creek; Moses K. Dahn, Pastor Paynesville; Andrew Joe, Pastor River Cess; Bro. David S. Kollie, Committee Man – Ballah Creek; Bro. Nathan Barco, Committee Men – Paynesville”