FPCNA Ministers Visit Mexican Work

Rev. and Mrs. Jason Boyle, missionaries under the FPCNA, moved to Mexico City in July of 2010, establishing their first FPC mission church on January 1, 2012.

Revs. Boyle, Kimbro and Mooney getting a view of Mexico City
Revs. Boyle, Kimbro and Mooney getting a view of Mexico City

MEXICO CITYThe church in Mexico City enjoyed a visit from Rev. Reggie Kimbro and Rev. Myron Mooney at the end of September. The people were encouraged by their preaching and fellowship.

The ministers visited the works in Veracruz pastored by Marcus Reyes and Lalo Peña. They were also able to experience Mexican life outside the big city and even visit a church in a tribal village in the mountains of Veracruz, in Eastern Mexico.

Marcus and Lalo were able to go with the Boyles to the Week of Prayer in Cloverdale, British Columbia. They all enjoyed the week and both Marcus and Lalo were taken under care of presbytery (see article). The Boyles are excited about this step forward, which will result in more fellowship between the churches.

Jason and Danielle were thankful to be able to get away for the Week of Prayer because Paco Orozco filled the pulpit and his wife, Julia, taught the children’s Sunday school.

The church enjoyed a recent youth activity and also the addition of two families, both with teenagers.

Please pray for the spiritual growth of the congregation. There is a big need to mature in the faith and see those fruits affect all areas of life.

Pray also  for the adult Sunday school where they are studying what we believe as Free Presbyterians in preparation for establishing a core group ready for membership in the future, Lord willing.