Kenyan Missionaries and Church Mourn Employee’s Tragic Death

Peter Andiema at the construction site of the BCFC Christian Academy in Kapenguria, Kenya.
Peter Andiema giving a thumbs-up at the construction site of the BCFC Christian Academy in Kapenguria, Kenya.

KAPENGURIA, Kenya—Members of the Bible Christian Faith Church (BCFC) in western Kenya, and the Free Presbyterian Church of Northern Ireland (FPCU) missionaries who work with them, are mourning the sudden and tragic death of one of their church members.

51-year-old Peter Andiema, a veteran employee at the BCFC Christian Academy, a 700-student boarding school in western Kenya, was killed in a motorcycle accident late Monday after leaving his job at the academy in Kapenguria.

Reports say Andiema was giving a friend a ride home on the back of his bike when the accident occurred. Those close to the investigation said the accident happened through the alleged recklessness of another driver.

Andiema’s passenger, who has not been identified, was rushed to the hospital but died shortly afterwards. Andiema died at the scene.

Both men leave behind a wife and family. The unidentified passenger had very young children and Andiema’s children are in their late teens and twenties.

Margaret Russell, a 30-year veteran missionary stationed in Kenya, and manager of the school, came upon the accident shortly after it occurred.

“I noted the heavy traffic and literally hundreds of motorcycles at this busy time coming up to Christmas,” Russell said. “Nevertheless, it was Peter’s bike that was hit and it soon became obvious that God had very suddenly taken him out of our midst.”

Church members who knew Andiema said that, while he was not a vocal participant of the church, he gave very generously to the work of God.

“The obvious shock and grief of all is poignant, some men shedding tears, most sitting in silence! “ Russell said. “Our academy students, now at home on holiday, are still hearing the sad news but some got it almost immediately on social media! They all loved and knew Peter since he was such a prominent figure in the life of the Academy.”

The missionaries said that Andiema had been a mentor to many of the casual laborers, tradesmen, and support staff at the school where he was the builder, foreman, and maintenance manager since its inception.

“They looked on him as a father!” Russell said. “Every building at the Academy has his mark upon it!”

Andiema worked at the school from the very early days of its formation. “Even before the start of the school, he built the church in the same location,” Russell said.

George McConnell, the treasurer of the FPCU mission board said, “I feel I have personally lost a brother.”

Russell asked the entire FPC church community to remember and pray for the family of the victims, and the wider Kenyan church family at this time.

“Pray that God, whose plans and purposes are past finding out, will work in the hearts of all,” Russell said. “The Scriptures teach us that we know not what a day will bring forth but do we really believe it or prepare for it? (James 4:13, 14).”

The funeral is scheduled for Tuesday December 30th.