LTBS Renews Contract for National Broadcast in Liberia

ELBC radio station in Paynesville, Liberia.
ELBC radio station in Paynesville, Liberia.

MONROVIA, Liberia— Let the Bible Speak (LTBS) Radio, a ministry of the Free Presbyterian Church of Northern Ireland (FPCU), recently renewed a six month broadcast contract with two radio stations in Liberia, West Africa to air Bible teaching programs nationwide.

Dr. Stephen Pollock, Chairman of LTBS, wrote an email to Rev. David DiCanio, an FPCNA minister-at-large who is overseeing the Liberia work, to say that the LTBS committee had voted unanimously to continue the support for the broadcast through July of 2015.

The only stipulation was that Mr. DiCanio make an attempt to gauge the response by encouraging listeners to write in.

“Because of the 14-year civil war Liberia has no internal mail service,” DiCanio said. “And so it was a challenge to get a response from radio listeners.”

ELWA radio towers
ELWA radio towers

However, Mr. DiCanio purchased “golden numbers” from two cell phone companies, which allows listeners to send a text by dialing 664422 from anywhere in the country. Listeners sent 66 text messages over the last six months.

Pollock quoted six of those messages in the January 2015 issue of the LTBS Quarterly magazine, and said he was overjoyed to receive so many reports of people being blessed through the programmes.

One listener wrote: “I have been touched by the preaching on ELWA and I pray that my Lord Jesus will remove me from darkness to light.”

Another wrote: “I just want to be grateful to you for creating such a program. Since I started listening to this teaching, it has helped me a whole lot. It has brought complete transformation to my life, and I pray that God Almighty bless you in every way he can so that this program will keep on running. Thank you ever so much.”

A third person wrote: “Thanks very much for the word of God. He has done a lot for me that I can’t imagine. Please pray with me for His saving grace.”

Dr. Stephen Pollock, chairman of Let the Bible Speak radio.
Dr. Stephen Pollock, chairman of Let the Bible Speak radio.

Another listener said, “I listen to the LTBS program on ELWA every day. The program is really helping me.”

Another wrote, “I really appreciated the message last night, but I recommend that the servant of God take his own time to preach. His teachings are interesting and educative.”

“Such a response has confirmed for us that the Lord’s hand has been on the radio ministry of LTBS once again,” Pollock wrote. “Time and time again the Lord has been pleased to use this ministry for His glory and the extension of His kingdom.”

LTBS airs daily at 3:30pm on the Christian radio station ELWA, and covers the greater Monrovia area, the capital of Liberia. A separate LTBS program airs on ELBC, the nationwide government station every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday evening.

The LTBS committee has supplied DiCanio with over 1000 programs from six FPCU ministers: Rev. John Greer, Rev. Gregory McCammon, Rev. Roger Higginson, Rev. James Porter, Rev. Philip Gardner, and Rev. Raymond McLernon. DiCanio then does the announcing and uploads the programs to dropbox where they are downloaded by the stations and aired.