Liberia: Greer Moves Into Unfinished Mission House

A view of the unfinished back porch facing the ocean on house two on the Free Presbyterian mission compound in Dwazon, Liberia.
The sunset over the Atlantic Ocean, shines onto the unfinished back porch on house two at the Free Presbyterian mission compound in Dwazon, Liberia.

Missionary Joanne Greer, writes:

“I am very glad and thankful to report that I am writing from the new Mission Board house! I moved in here on September 25 and have been enjoying the space even more than I had anticipated.

God answered prayer in the previous couple of weeks and the workmen came to finish their jobs, some needing more persuasion than others! I have been busy since moving with unpacking things that had been in storage and getting the house into order while trying to keep up with the usual teaching schedule.

I am so grateful for all who have supported this building project financially, and for all who have prayed. Do continue to pray that the remaining funds will be raised; one bedroom and bathroom are almost completely finished, but further work would need to be done before any visitors could stay in the rest of the house. Please click here to see photos of the new house.