PHOTOS: House Two in Liberia

This is a photo essay of house two in Liberia.

A fuzzy mold that continually grows on the ceiling throughout the entire house, even though it has been washed with bleach several times.jpg
Riley heroically standing guard at the front door looking for intruders.jpg
Sammy, our carpenter, and Robert, our main builder and tiler pose for a photo after a hard days work.jpg
Sammy, the carpenter, rests on the edge of the shower, as Davis, the plumber connects the face basin in the guest bedroom en suite.jpg
John Scott, of Scott and Scott electrical, connects the hot water heater.jpg
The office (a future guest bedroom).jpg
Emmanuel, a mission compound worker, applies putty to the ceiling in one of the three bathrooms.jpg
Emmanuel, one of the mission compound employees, prepares to clean rust and ocean salt off the window bars.jpg
One of the guest bedrooms currently used for storage.jpg
The unfinished, temporary kitchen.jpg
Living room.jpg
Living room.jpg