Missionaries Okay After 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake in Mexico City

MEXICO CITY—Missionaries Jason and Danielle Boyle, working in Mexico City under the Free Presbyterian Church of North America, wrote the following report about the 7.1 Magnitude earthquake that hit Mexico City yesterday:

“Hi friends and family. A 7.1 earthquake hit today about 100km from Mexico City.  We felt it very strongly and we were able to run outside to safety very quickly. We sustained minor damage to our house and were without power for 6 hours.  Some buildings in the city have collapsed and the death toll is over 100.  We still don’t know the extent of the damage, but we praise the Lord that we were able to locate everyone in our church, and they are all safe.  Some were working close to buildings that collapsed. The city is in a bit of chaos as people try to make it home and make sure loved ones are ok.

“Rev. Armen Thomassian thankfully flew out early this morning and missed the earthquake.  We praise God that our friends and church family are safe and sound and that the damage wasn’t worse.  Please continue to pray that the Lord will work in our city. In Christ, Jason and Danielle Boyle.”