Missionary in Liberia Stands Up for Truth in Context of Billy Graham Passing

Rev. David DiCanio broadcasting live on Free Presbyterian Radio, 92.5 FM in Monrovia, Liberia

Listen to 15-minute BROADCAST HERE

MONROVIA—Rev. David DiCanio, a missionary under the Free Presbyterian Church of North America, produced and aired, on Liberia’s largest Christian radio station, a special program shortly after the death of Evangelist Billy Graham on Wednesday, hoping to inform people about concerns many have had with Graham’s ministry.

“When I heard that Dr. Graham died, and saw online all the positive comments about his ministry, I felt that I had to put something together to show people in Liberia the truth about his compromise,” Mr. DiCanio said. “On numerous occasions, Billy Graham clearly stated that people could be saved without the Bible or Christ.”

Mr. DiCanio used his already purchased time slot on ELWA, the largest Christian radio station in Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia, to air the 15-minute special program which contained audio clips of Graham’s statements to both Larry King during a CNN interview, and the late Dr. Robert Schuller, pastor of the Crystal Cathedral in California, who interviewed Graham on his international television program.

Mr. DiCanio also included an interview that he did with Dr. Schuller in 2004 for a documentary, where Schuller stated that he agreed with Graham’s view that God might have other ways of salvation beside Christ.

Mr. DiCanio shares his burden with listeners on Free Presbyterian Radio, 92.5 FM.

“We normally air our church’s program Let the Bible Speak, at 3:30 weekday afternoons on ELWA radio, which has a huge audience,” DiCanio said. “I just adapted the program to produce a very tight audio documentary with commentary that let people hear first-hand what was said by Dr. Graham.”

“We’ve already heard that some listeners were shocked that Graham had said such a thing,” DiCanio said, “They had never heard it before.”

Mr. DiCanio also produced and aired a lengthened version of the program on Free Presbyterian Radio, 92.5 FM, the FPCNA’s radio station which he manages.  It also broadcasts in the capital city.

“I did the first two live because there was no time to produce the programs,” DiCanio said. “The third one I recorded. Naturally I had more time on our station but was limited to only a few sentences of narration on ELWA because we only have the 15-minute time slot for Let the Bible Speak.”

Mr. DiCanio also aired a sermon by Dr. Mark Allison in conjunction with his broadcast.

“My program was actually an introduction to Dr. Allison’s sermon entitled, ‘FPC Position on Those Who Compromise with Apostasy,’” Mr. DiCanio said. “The sermon was too long to air on ELWA, but we did air it several times on our station.”

According to Mr. DiCanio, Dr. Allison, the chairman of the mission board that oversees the mission work in Liberia, and president of the FPCNA’s seminary, gave a detailed explanation of Graham’s compromise.

Readers can listen to the 15-minute version of the program that aired on ELWA, here.