MPB: Liberia Report from Missionary Joanne Greer

Joanne Greer, Liberian missionary from the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, poses with her students shortly before her evacuation from the country because of the deadly Ebola virus

David DiCanio and Joanne Greer, missionaries in Liberia under the Free Presbyterian Church of North America, were evacuated from the country on August 5, 2014 because of the deadly Ebola virus sweeping West Africa.

October 20, 2014
(Missionary Prayer Bulletin: Joanne Greer)

Rev. David DiCanio and I are keeping in contact by phone, email, and Skype with our three Free Presbyterian Mission Church of Liberia (FPMCOL) congregations since leaving the country because of the Ebola outbreak.

I held a catechism exam in September by Skype with five of the children in the Paynesville FPMCOL congregation, and have been regularly sending notes and worksheets through email to the children in the Balla Creek FPMCOL church.

We are thankful for these technologies that help us to stay in touch!

Please remember those nationals who work with the children—Nathan Barco, from our Paynesville congregation, and Abraham Kotee from the Balla Creek church.

Both Rev. DiCanio and I were saddened, along with our congregations, to hear of the death of a long time attendee in the Balla Creek church, “Ma” Rose—as she was affectionately known. She died on September 21st, probably from Ebola. She was a faithful and godly woman, and she will be sorely missed.

Rev. DiCanio and I request prayer for her family who were quarantined for 21 days after her death. Thankfully, none became ill.

We thank those who continue to supply the charity fund set up by the North American mission board.

In Liberia, because Ebola symptoms mimic more common illnesses, fear and confusion have forced the closure of most medical facilities. This has required us to send our critical cases to more reputable, but higher priced, clinics.

We are also thankful, and encouraged, by the gifts given to help with staple food items for some lower income families in our churches. Food prices are rising slightly because of the disruption in trade routes and border closings, and unemployment has risen from the effects of the government shut down.

For the past two months, I have been involved in a few deputation meetings in Northern Ireland. I was originally scheduled to do meetings in 2015, but my early return brought that forward, as much as possible.

The Ulster mission board asked me to visit Uganda from October 22nd to November 12th. Please pray for me during this time.