MPB: Mexico-Latest Update from the Boyles

Missionary Prayer Bulletin (October 2014) Rev. and Mrs. Jason Boyle, missionaries under the FPCNA, moved to Mexico City in July of 2010, establishing their first FPC mission church on January 1, 2012.

October 22, 2014

The church building that is currently for sale and which Rev. Jason Boyle references in his report.
The church building that Jason and Danielle are praying about purchasing.


The Rev. and Mrs. Jason Boyle, missionaries in Mexico City under the FPCNA, report that they were edified by the preaching and enjoyed the fellowship of two visiting ministers from the USA.

Rev. Reggie Kimbro from Grace FPCNA in Winston Salem, North Carolina, and Rev. Myron Mooney, from Trinity Presbyterian Church (FPCNA) in Alabama, took a 10-day trip to church plants in Veracruz, Eastern Mexico, in late September, where they ministered to three congregations.


While the visitors were in Veracruz, the Boyles stayed back in Mexico City at their own church where they had a “decent turnout” and an enjoyable time at a youth activity.

Jason reports that, “Some new families with youth have recently been added to the church, and we find ourselves with a nice little group of young people.”

The Boyles request prayer that God would save and guide their youth!


After Revs Kimbro and Mooney left, the Boyles prepared to leave for 12 days to attend the FPCNA’s by-annual week of prayer, held this year from October 6-10 at Cloverdale Free Presbyterian Church outside Vancouver, British Columbia.

Jason and his wife had to divide up the duties amongst many in the church before they left, and only then they realized how much responsibility is involved in their Sunday and Wednesday labors.

Jason reports that the week of prayer was very encouraging, and that he greatly enjoyed the fellowship, prayer, and preaching.

This year, Jason was asked to preach to the ministers on Friday, and he was able to preach and present the Mexican work to the Cloverdale congregation on the Sunday morning and the Victoria FPCNA work in the evening.

“It was enjoyable to see and fellowship with brothers and sisters in the Lord.  It was nice to be able to express in person to some our gratefulness for your prayers,” the missionaries said.


Another development during the week of prayer was that two pastors from Veracruz (the same men that Revs Kimbro and Mooney visited) were accepted under care of the presbytery, which is the first step to joining the FPCNA.

Marcus Reyes and Lalo Peña applied to come under care as a first step to possible licensing and ordination in the FPCNA.

Jason says that he is very excited about this new contact.

“May God give the presbytery wisdom to guide Marcus, Lalo and us here in Mexico City.  We look forward to closer fellowship with these churches.  They are 4 hours from us, and we have plans to visit them in November. We also hope to send a group from our church in the spring to visit theirs, including having the young people form a choir to sing in their churches,” Jason said.


The missionaries also report that they are seeking the Lord about a church building for sale.  Jason says, “God keeps bringing us back to consider its purchase.  Will you pray with us for that as well?  It’s so up in the air — only God can see it through.”


After the week of prayer the Boyles were able to stay with Danielle’s family for a week. Danielle was able to meet her nephews and visit with family and grandparents. God provided for them to get new glasses and some other material needs.  “We are so grateful for His constant provision,” the missionaries said.


The missionaries report that it was a wonderful privilege to have Paco and Julia Orozco stay to fill the pulpit and house sit while they were gone.  The Orozco’s came into fellowship with the FPCNA over 30 years ago when Paco attended Faith Free Presbyterian Church in Greenville, South Carolina, and the missionaries report that they are grateful for their ministry and fellowship, and thankful that they were able to visit with them briefly before leaving for the week of prayer.


  • Consistency: Please pray for the Sunday school classes, that more would come and that they would come consistently.
  • Care: Please pray for the healing of Emiliano who just got off bed rest and is recuperating after surgery on his legs.
  • Church: Please pray that elders would be raised up and that a good group would be made ready to become members one day.
  • Classes: Continue to pray for the classes and studies (Bible class to boys and girls in a Christian school, one-on-one Bible studies, English and piano).
  • Communicants: The Boyles are starting up a class on Sunday evenings for the families who are new, to get them caught up on the Sunday school teachings (They have been studying what the FPCNA believes).