Two Baptized in Jamaican Church

Dr. Larry Saunders baptizes a convert from the church in Little London Jamaica
Dr. Larry Saunders baptizes Jennifer Williams, a convert from the church in Little London Jamaica.

JAMAICA—Two women were baptized in the Free Presbyterian Church in Jamaica on Saturday.

Symone Evans and Jennifer Williams testified before a group of seven church members at a beachfront service in Negril led by Richard Craig, the interim minister of the FPCNA church in Little London.

“I came to the church for many years but never knew the Lord,” Miss Evans said about her conversion to Christ. “I always made excuses.”

Pastor Craig spoke to her regularly about her need of salvation, but she showed little interest. However, two months ago, as he was preaching, he noticed Evans crying. “After the service I enquired of her and she said the message touched her and she would like to start a new life,” Craig said.

Pastor Craig invited her to the Lord, and she prayed to receive Christ that night.

“I immediately saw a change in her life,” Craig said. “She attends church more regularly and listens more attentively.”

Jennifer Williams also gave her testimony at the service. She had attended a Wesleyan holiness church for many years but was never saved.

“When I came to the Free Presbyterian Church I heard a different way of preaching, more clear,” Williams said. “I was able to understand everything.”

Even so, she also rejected salvation. But, one day, she was so convicted that she called and asked to meet Pastor Craig at her son’s school. “I am ready to be baptized,” she said. “Have you accepted the Lord?” Craig asked. “Yes, I accepted the Lord a few days ago.”

“I was the most happy person on earth because of the good news that came to my ear,” Craig said, “the news of that great transformation, the news of cleansing and forgiveness.”

Those who attended the baptism service sang, “Amazing Grace” and “I’m Not Ashamed to Own My Lord,” as onlookers stood by.

Dr. Larry Saunders, Moderator of the FPCNA and minister in the Toronto church, preached a message from 2 Corinthians 5:17 – “if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation…” Rev. David DiCanio, a missionary from Liberia, closed the meeting in prayer.

Both ministers are visiting Jamaica to encourage the church members and assess the FPC bookstore in Little London where the church is located. Dr. Saunders leaves on Thursday and Rev. DiCanio plans to stay until the end of January when he leaves for deputation meetings in Northern Ireland.

“I am very encouraged that the Lord is still saving sinners,” Dr. Saunders said. “We pray that the Lord will use them for His glory in this needy work.”