Rev. Jason Boyle

Rev. and Mrs. Jason Boyle
Rev. and Mrs. Jason Boyle

Jason and Danielle Boyle moved to Mexico City in July 2010, and established a Free Presbyterian mission church on January 1, 2012.

The following is a transcription of Jason’s testimony preached in Phoenix Free Presbyterian Church:

The Lord saved me at a very young age—four years old. My mom had gotten saved the previous year; my dad would get saved the next year.

They were looking to enroll me into kindergarten, and so they were looking at different schools. Not knowing any better, my mom was a young Christian, my dad was still unconverted, and they enrolled me in a small Roman Catholic school.

But a few weeks before school started, they called and said they had changed one of their rules. Whereas before they said the incoming student had to be five by November 30, they changed that rule to say that the incoming student had to be five by October 31. My birthday is on, November 5, and so I missed it by five days.

I believe the Lord changed the rule in that school specifically for me, so I wouldn’t have to go there and be under the error of the Church of Rome’s teaching.

Of course my parents were a bit frantic, as you might imagine—Just a couple of weeks before school was to start, and they were looking for a place to enroll me. But the Lord led them to a small Christian school that was pretty close to where we lived. And they were still accepting students. And so my mom brought me there to enroll me at the kindergarten.

And when she got there to register me, the lady who was doing the registration made a suggestion that ended up changing my life. She suggested that my mom not only enroll me in the school, but so that I could meet all my new classmates, and make friends, I should also be enrolled in the Vacation Bible School that was attached to the church— a good gospel preaching, Baptist church.

Mom thought that was a good idea, and so she did exactly that. So when I went there the following week, I did meet my classmates, and I also met the Lord.

I heard the gospel message for the first time, just as a very young boy—a very simple gospel message that was proclaimed to us. The Lord reached down, and in His grace and His mercy, he saved me.

We continued going to that Baptist church. And in my third grade Sunday school class, my teacher for that year had gone down to Mexico the summer before. She went down for a short missions trip and worked with some missionaries down there. When she came back she brought with her some souvenirs to show us. One of the things she brought back was a blue and white hand knitted rug that had the word Mexico stitched across the front. And she took that rug and put it right on the wall of our Sunday school classroom. So every Sunday, as seven, eight year old children, who came into Sunday school, we would see that on the wall, and we would remember the missionaries that were in Mexico. And every Sunday very faithfully, we would pray for the missionaries in Mexico. And even at eight years old, the Lord reached down and He burdened my heart for the people in Mexico, and for the mission field in general. He put a burden on my heart for the mission field that has never gone away.

So if you had known me back then, and you had asked me the question, “What do you want to do when you grow up, I would have said, “I want to be a missionary.” I was sure in my heart that that was what the Lord had called me to.

I continued in that thought over the next few years, and I eventually came to the high school. I got to that point, I think I was 16 or so where I was really looking at what the Lord had for me in the future. I was looking at where to go to college, what I was going to study, all those details that you need to figure out at that time.

But at that time in my life, as I was reflecting on exactly what I was going to do, I began to have doubts for the first time. Doubts that the Lord was really calling me to the mission field. After all, I was very young when I first had that burden. And now that it was time to really consider what I was going to do and prepare for it, I was having some doubts.

I think the devil was whispering these discouragements in my ear. The biggest problem I had as a high schooler, as a teenager, I had no ability to stand up in front of people and talk. I was the shyest, quietest 16 year old you ever met in your life.

And I knew that. I knew I could not get up in front of people and talk. And it discouraged me. I said, “Lord how have you called me to be a missionary? How am I supposed to be a minister of the gospel if I can’t stand up in front of people and talk? I was very discouraged by that, and I was having serious doubts about what the Lord was really calling me to do.

It was during that time, in high school, the Christian school I was going to at that time, that they gave us about 15 minutes at the beginning of every day, before school started, to spend some time in the Word, and have our devotions. And that year I was just reading through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. I wasn’t at the time looking for anything specific. The Lord brought me to the passage that we looked at this morning.

Matthew 4:16 – The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up.” And I remember sitting there in the classroom, and that verse just jumping at me. And the Lord using it very clearly to speak to my heart, and to encourage me and to say, ‘this right here is exactly what I’ve called you to do.’ I’ve called you to go, and to minister to people who are in darkness, to people who need more than anything else, the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.’

And as I reflected on the verse and the way the Lord was speaking to me through it, my mind immediately went to Mexico. When at that place I had been burdened for all those years since I was a child. I thought about the people in Mexico as people sitting in darkness and needing the light.

The Lord used this verse to calm my fears and quell my fears and to quell those discouragements and those doubts that were in my mind, and used this verse to call me into the ministry, and also to confirm to my heart His call on my life to the mission field.

So I went to college, I attended Bob Jones University (BJU), in Greenville, South Carolina. I studied missions. I remember my first summer, the summer after my freshman year, I was able to go to Mexico on the mission team with BJU.

As you can imagine it was a very exciting time for me to finally be able to get down to Mexico. I had been looking forward to that since I was eight years old. The only draw back I had at the time was I didn’t speak a word of Spanish, yet. That was a bit of a barrier as I went down. But the Lord allowed me to see the works, in the churches there in Mexico. He allowed me to see the need for the people there.

And I took Spanish when I came back over the next couple of years, so, the next time I went down to Mexico I would be prepared, able to minister to the people there.

The opportunity came in the summer of 2002. For the ministerial majors at BJU, once we finished our third year, we were to go on an internship. And for us as mission’s majors, we were to go some place on the mission field, so we could gain some practical and hands on experience.

So I remember sitting down one day with the director of the mission program at Bob Jones, and we were discussing where I was going to go on my internship. So he asked me where I wanted to go. Simple question, right? I wanted to go to Mexico. Then he asked me, where in Mexico do you want to go? And I said, I don’t know. I had not thought that far ahead yet. The Lord hadn’t really burdened my heart for any specific place in Mexico. So I sat there for a moment, and I thought. And I prayed that the Lord would make it very clear to me where he wanted me to go that summer.

And as I sat there praying the Lord brought this thought into my mind. I grew up in Connecticut, so I grew up very close to New York City, close to Boston. I love the big city, and I love all the people. We used to go to New York all the time and pass out tracts and work with some of the church planters there. And I love the bustle of the city, and I loved living in a place like that, and of course the great need is the major cities in this world.

The lord brought that thought into my mind, just kind of flashed it across my mind. So I said to the mission’s director, “Well how about Mexico City?” And he said that he knew some missionaries there connected with the mission board he was associated with. He said he would contact them, and ask them, if they would take me as an intern for those ten weeks, and they did. So in the summer of 2002, I headed down to Mexico City for 10 weeks.

And I remember flying into the airport there in Mexico Ctiy, which is just massive. And I remember getting there. I remember being worried whether I would be able to find the missionary amongst all these people. It ended up not being a problem because he’s about six feet two, and very white. I was able to pick him out pretty easily.

We piled into his van. His son came with us, to, for the ride to the airport and the ride back. But as we drove from the airport to his house, I remember we were going along the side of the road and met some people, a family walking that this missionary knew. We picked them up and we were going to give them a ride home. They came into the van, and of course they started talking, and they engaged us in conversation. I sat there, and I could not understand a word they were saying. And I was very discouraged by that. I had taken Spanish over the last two years. I was an hour in Mexico City, and I couldn’t understand what they were saying. And I really prayed to the Lord to open my mind, and to help me to remember what I had studied, so that the summer would be profitable. And He did. He was very gracious in helping me to remember what I had learned and opening my mind to be able to understand and speak with the people there in Mexico City.

But two things happened in that summer that completely changed my life. And the first was this. When I first got down there, the first week or two I was there. The missionaries took me to the down town section of Mexico City. We went and we climbed to the top of the Latin American tower, which is one of the highest points in Mexico City. I climbed up there and I stood up there looking out. And as you look out on this city, one of the largest cities in the entire world, you look out and you see all these buildings and all these cars going down the street, and these millions, and millions, and millions of people. I stood up there and I saw all of that.

But the Lord, on that day, opened my eyes to see that I was looking at, not just millions of people, but that I was looking at millions of people that needed Christ. I was looking out at people who were perfectly described by this verse in Matthew chapter four. This verse that the Lord had used to call me to the mission field. I was looking out at people in darkness, people who needed the light of Jesus Christ. The Lord burdened my heart very clearly that day for the people of Mexico City specifically. He called me to that city.

There is a second way that the Lord changed my life in that summer. Previous to going down to Mexico City in my second semester there at Bob Jones of that year, someone had introduced me to I don’t remember who it was, or what the situation was. I remember looking at this sight. And I didn’t know anything about the Free Presbyterian Church at this time. I knew nothing about any of the men that were preaching on there. I knew nothing about any of the sermons they were preaching. Since I had found a website where I could download sermons for free, I was very excited about that.

So I downloaded a bunch of sermons, completely at random, I’m being totally honest with you, completely at random, so I could listen to them while in Mexico City. I got down to Mexico City and I remember one day sitting down and listening to the first message I had downloaded. It was a message by pastor Stephen Hamilton. And he was preaching at the time on particular redemption.

I grew up in a church where I never heard any of that type of doctrine preached. We were not reformed at all—it was an independent Baptist church. I never heard the word Calvinist. I never heard “Reformed doctrine”, “doctrines of grace”, none of that. I listened to that sermon and most of what he was saying went completely against what I had been taught growing up. I was a little confused. I was a little, not angry, but, I didn’t understand what he was talking about.

And I decided I would listen to this message again. And this time I would take very careful notes, pause it here and there, so I could understand what he was saying, and I could prove him wrong.

So I listened to the sermon a second time. And then I listened to the sermon a third time. And by that point I was becoming convinced that, I didn’t really know my Bible like I thought I did. I could tell you what I believed, but I couldn’t prove it from Scripture. I was just parroting what I had been taught from when I was young. And when I was listening to the biblical arguments that he was bringing forth in his message, they made more sense. It was really confusing to me, it was a real tension in my mind between what I had learned for 20 something years growing up, and what I was seeing in the Scriptures for the first time.

I actually emailed pastor Hamilton, because I had a lot of questions. And he was very gracious in answering all my questions and showing me from the Bible where he was getting his answers. He of course suggested that I go to the Free Presbyterian Church in Greenville, South Carolina as soon as I got back. I wasn’t ready to do that yet. I was not ready to enter into a Presbyterian church, I can tell you that. But, that next school year, I came back from Mexico City, and I really started studying on my own. And I went back, and I studied the Scriptures, like it was the first time. By putting aside all biases, or things that I thought I knew, and asking the Lord to open my eyes to what he was really saying in His Word. And it took some time, but over that next year the Lord did open my eyes and brought me to the doctrines of grace.

I came to the Free Presbyterian Church for the first time on Easter Sunday of 2003. I remember a friend of mine was going to the church at the time, and he invited me to the Easter service. I went, and I never left.

I heard the Lord’s Word preached like I had never heard it preached before. I remember going to the first prayer meeting, Wednesday night, at the church. And I tell you, that was a new experience for me. I grew up in a good church, and I don’t downgrade it at all. But when we went to Wednesday night prayer meeting, we never prayed. All that Wednesday night prayer meeting meant was there was a sheet of prayer requests in the back as you walked out. I had never been in a prayer meeting where you actually prayed.

And so I walked into the Free Church that Wednesday prayer meeting, and I sat there. And I heard God’s people pray. And I was completely overwhelmed by the feeling the Spirit was meeting with us, by hearing God’s people pray like that. And I knew—the Lord made it very clear to my heart from that prayer meeting—that this denomination was where he wanted me to be, where he had called me to.

I also remember at that first prayer meeting, hearing the folks there in Greenville praying for God to send men into the seminary and then to the ministry of the Free Presbyterian Church. And I told the Lord that as soon as I was able, I would enter into the seminary there in Greenville. And I did, in the Fall of 2005. I went through, got my degree, and graduated in May of 2008.

And as you know, as the men graduate from seminary they go on an internship. And the presbytery sent me to Spain for three months, and then to Hermosillo, Mexico for three months after that. And last time

My time in Spain was a tremendous time with John Hanna and his family, just learning from a veteran missionary and getting some hands on experience. I preached in Spanish for the first time. I did a little youth devotional at the very end of my time there, which was a big step for me. And then I went on to Hermosillo, with the Paco Orozco family. And that was a good time as well, a tremendous time with God’s people there in that church.

I knew I would have to preach in Spanish while I was there, they had me preach every other week in Spanish. And that was a big challenge. It’s hard enough to preach in English, but to preach in another language is a bit difficult. But the Lord was very gracious. He helped me to improve, I think, over those three months.

On the very last Sunday I was there, I had preached in the morning, and I stood at the back shaking the folks hands as they came out. And this dear lady in the church came up to me and she shook my hand and she told me, “That sermon was three hundred times better than your first one.” So… either the first one was really bad, or, … but the Lord really did give grace.

There were some men in the church, who would look over my sermon the Thursday or Friday before I preached, and would help me correct my mistakes, and make it more understandable. It was a real blessing to be able to do that. And I learned that I enjoyed preaching in Spanish, which was important. And it was difficult , it is going to be difficult still, but I enjoyed speaking the language and learning how to communicate while preaching in Spanish.

I went to Mexico City for a month after that. I came back this past May, was licensed by the Presbytery in May, and then did a bit of pulpit supply in between then and the next few months.

In October of this past year when the presbytery met, they were looking to assign us in our deputation meetings and how to work that all out. And George McConnell was over from Northern Ireland, and he was the head of the missionary counsel there in Northern Ireland. He sat in on the mission board meetings, and he made the suggestions that Presbytery send Danielle and I to Ulster for deputation meetings. And we were over there this past January, into most of February. We went to some twenty-five or so churches doing about thirty meetings.

What a wonderful opportunity to get over there and to see God’s work in Ulster. It was a great privilege to see where everything started, and to see how God has worked, and also how God is continuing to work in the churches over there. It was a great blessing to us that we were able to meet literally thousands of God’s people who were able to get a glimpse of the burden that we had for Mexico City and to pray for us and to support us. It was really a wonderful opportunity that we had.

And then, in these past few weeks, and continuing on in this past month and a half or so, we had our deputation meetings all around the States and Eastern Canada.

So we would ask you that you would pray for us. We have a lot of travelling left to do. We are looking forward to it, because, its not often that people get the privilege to go to just about every single Free Presbyterian Church in North America. We get that privilege. We get to meet God’s people all over this country and in Canada, and we’re looking forward to the time that we have to gain the support and the prayers of God’s people.

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